Who We Are

GIGIL is an online portal, but we don’t sell products, we sell concepts. These concepts primarily revolve around three basic pillars of our existence- Human Relationship, Emotions and Happiness. We try and do everything that we can, to make our near & dear ones happy on special occasions, which could be their birthdays, achievements, festivities, landmarks, occasions, anniversary or even casual gifting off and on. Taking the same into account we came up with an idea of a “One stop shop” for all the gifting requirements of an individual, right from a toddler to a person in late eighties.

What We Offer?


Giving a gift is one of the easiest ways to show someone that you love and value them. It is the key to making a happy connection. So when you’re deciding whether to pick up a small gift or do something pleasant reach out to Gigil and take your pick. The wide range of gifting options has something for everyone. So take your pick, wrap it in your love and make someone happy.


Create the experience you want. Make happy plans and proposals for friends and family. Plan a shopping spree, a makeover session, a round of golf and lunch or even a personalised radio show…..it’s all yours for taking. Choose from the gamut/array of options and let Gigil help you reach your happy destination.


Are you worried out about finding the perfect gift for your loved one? Well! Let Gigil personalise your gift and help cement the amazing connection. With a little thought and a splash of creativity, you can come up with something personal for anyone in your life and make them happy. So choose, connect and customise your gift with Gigil.

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Inaugural Festive Discount, valid from 19th Oct 2020 to 31st October 2020.
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